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I am a 42 year old South African Mom of 2 fantastic kids living in Bavaria. We moved here in 2015 and only started learning German just before we moved. It has been a hard journey. I wanted to start a blog about this because I know that I am not alone in this situation and I want to share my experience to try and help other families in similar situations.

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I‘m a South African mom living in Bavaria Germany

2 thoughts on “This is me

  1. read your recent post on your kids going to speech theraphy and reminds me of a program they here in the states. In the class the stidents must learn in Spanish and gradually each year they increase lessons taught in English. I see children all the time who struggle because they have an even harder time expressing themselves in Spanish. I say is good that your children are speaking up expressing how comfortable they are speaking in English. All you can do is contiune to encoiurage them. Too bad they can’t go to an English school.

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  2. I like your comment, Mireya, thank you. I agree that kids should be able to speak their native language well too. In order to make it in the school system here, they have to be able to speak German. I guess it is the same in the US that kids need to speak English to integrate properly there and do well. We decided that it is better to have them go to German schools so that they speak German well. They already speak English well and I am hoping that they always will. Luckily, here in Bavaria, they teach the kids English in school from 3rd grade. I will keep up the articles with anything new that is happening with their development.


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